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cassette deck is a music blog by Rach. Rach is me. I co-host an indie rock radio show on KTCU, FM 88.7 in Fort Worth, Texas. Exposing myself to new music is both an obsessive hobby and a necessity. This blog is an outlet for me to share the music I discover with friends and passers-by. Enjoy!

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E-mail me if you heard something nifty and want to share, or if you're an artist looking for love (in all the right places.) I eat new music daily.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Quaint Beginnings

Hello ! I'm Rachel, and I have a passion for music, seeking out music, stumbling upon music, having music thrust at me, thrusting music at other people, and handheld electronic Yahtzee.

Here it is, a tangible excuse for my musical obsession. I've blogged for several years about this and that, but I now have the itch to deviate from my usual--so I'm diving headlong into the vast realm of mp3 blogging.

What's in the name, Cassette Deck? Is it not slightly ironic that blog undertaking so deeply furrowed in the brow of digital music files is titled as such? Did I really just personify mp3's as a giant forehead ?

Alas, cassettes are old hat compared to the modern methods of music discovery. I'm sure that most of us still have artifacts on tape gathering dust in the corners of closets since the 1990's (kudos to those who still use their Walkman, I only wish I still had mine!) While Casette Deck will be my way of sharing new discoveries and chattering excitedly about them, I also hope to invoke a vague reminder of the (now quaint) format on which my generation's musical collections began.

At least, that's the way I create meaning behind an otherwise pulled-out-of-my-ass blog title. (!) That, and I just like it.

So, with a hop and a yell, we sally forth! into the wide, wild world of music (and writing about music!)